Hello Prep S! What a fun day we had at school today! 100 days at school and 100 days smarter. Thanks for such a great day and lots of fun! I would love to know what has been the best thing in prep over the last 100 days? I know my favourite thing was the first day of school and I saw all your smiling faces. What has been your favourite day/ or thing over the last 100 days of school? :)
Sienna Romero-Georgiadis
8/6/2013 09:19:40 pm

Hi Miss Silfo,
My favourite thing over the last 100 days is being able to play with my friends and seeing them every day! I have also liked drawing and writing!

Gabriel Melone
8/7/2013 07:44:11 pm

Hello Miss Silfo!
My favourite day in the last 100 days of school was when I saw my sports teacher, Mr Falcone!

8/19/2013 06:54:51 am

Hi miss silfo I miss you and hope you are feeling better. I hope to see you at school today
Love lily


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