6/6/2013 05:10:45 pm

Hi Miss Silfo
I had a fun day with my teddy Alfie, it was funny to see him talking to Lily's teddy.I didn't like the hot chocolate but I liked the biscuit.
Have a nice weekend Miss Silfo
Love Sebastian

6/15/2013 04:14:27 pm

Hi miss Silfo
My fave part of the day was having the hot chocolate and it was funny seeing Allegras teddy on the phone. I also liked when the teddies had a sleepover. Bye Lily

6/15/2013 05:00:56 pm

Hi Miss Silfo , I had fun with my teddy and we had fun eating the buscuit.
Also i can't wait to see you and Diana tomorrow as i am feeling better.


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