daniella pascuzzi
5/16/2013 04:09:38 pm

prep s miss silfo i love you. you are the coolest.
from lucas

Miss Silfo
5/20/2013 08:08:41 pm

HI Lucas! thanks so much for your nice message! I hope you had a good day at school today!
From MIss SIlfo :)

5/20/2013 05:19:35 pm

Hi Miss Silfo. In Summer i like going to the beach and FunFields. Miss Silfo, what do you like to do in Summer? Love cara xxoo

Miss Silfo
5/20/2013 08:10:36 pm

Hi Cara!
Thanks for your message! :) I love going to the beach in Summer too. I love going for a swim in the ocean!
I also like eatin icy poles to keep me cool.
From Miss Silfo :)

Allegra Amore
5/26/2013 02:03:32 pm

Hi Miss Silfo
In summer I like going to the swimming pools. The pools are fun because it cools me down.
Miss Silfo, I thought that for show and tell maybe we could bring in our favourite DVD, what do you think?

I have missed you all I am feeling much better so I will see you tomorrow.

Love Allegra xx

Miss Silfo
5/26/2013 05:14:30 pm

Hi Allegra! :)
Of course that's a great idea! We missed you today and cant wait to see you! I am gladyou are feeling better!
See u tomorrow!
From Miss Silfo :)


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